PEKO ping-pong table

Starting at $9000

The ping-pong table, designed in collaboration with M.O. Workshop, is one of the essentials of the AtelierB furniture line. Made of Corten steel and concrete, it captivates and gets noticed. Its unusual metallic structure and thin layer of concrete (1 1/4-inch) give it an ethereal appearance. Simultaneously a utilitarian object and work of art, it fits elegantly into urban living spaces.

With a cast concrete surface trowelled individually in our workshop, each table is unique. Thanks to this collaboration, AtelierB provides useful, attractive, and playful objects for parks, public squares, and other spaces where community living is encouraged.

Height: 30 in – 76 cm
Length: 9 ft – 274 cm
Width: 5 ft – 152 cm
Weight: 600 kg