Extensive selection of products, finishes and techniques • Colours and aggregates • Preparation instructions • Pre-pouring inspection • Planning • AtelierB quality concrete recipe • Pumping and placement • Superior quality power-trowel finishing • Anti-fissuring saw cuts (control joints) • Concrete curing • Diamond-cut polishing of the highest calibre • Wet/dry treatment or dry treatment • Lithium treatment • Pre-delivery application of PENTRA-Guard or PENTRA-hard sealant, or nano sealant applied by high-speed polishing • Unparalleled client satisfaction in Quebec • The only recommended approach for radiant concrete-floor heating


Charlemagne project
Architect: Henri Cleinge

Beaumont project
Architect: Henri Cleinge

Plancher maison Gauthier

Maison Gauthier project
Architect: Barda architecture

Parc project

Boutique Denis Gagnon
Polished concrete and
penetrating coloration

Cartier project
Architect: De Fontenay Pelletier

Potvin project
White concrete

Jeanne d’Arc project

Garnier project
Architect: MXMA

Ste-Anne des Lacs project
Integral whole mass colored concrete
plus penetrating coloration

La maison du Lac
Architect: La Shed

Équinoxe project
Architect: Appareil

Existing concrete

Treat, enhance and seal existing floors • We specialize in reinvigorating damaged concrete floors and fixing poorly executed work • Diamond-cut polishing at the highest standard of quality • Wet/dry treatment or dry treatment • Fissure repair • Resurfacing • Colouring • Grinding and surface preparation • Hardening treatment • Restoration of faulty work • Removal of epoxy paint or other covering • Concrete sanding