Small wood-fired Oven Chibouki

1290 $

Bread oven by day, pizza oven by night, this beautiful item makes its mark by combining design and functionality. Its playful nature is conveyed with blazing intensity, all the more so as its head can rest on many types of supports, converted into a concrete or steel fireplace grate. It may just as well rest on a counter or a customized table. Whether on a patio, at a cottage or a country house, the Chibouki brings its raw features and New Mexico-inclined design out into the open.

Oven without the structure

Diameter: 25,63 po (65 cm)
Depth: 15,3 po (38,8 cm)
Thickness: 1,5 po (4 cm)

Materials: Traditional concrete and heat-resistant concrete

Availability: workshop or delivery.

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Concrete products change slightly over time, potentially becoming darker on contact with air and humidity.