Produits de béton par AtelierB

AtelierB extends its range to Ductal® concrete

Our entire team will be glad to work with you and to use its expertise associated with one of the best concretes available on the market for the benefit of your future projects.

We can do anything (or almost) with concrete. Since 2001, at AtelierB, we have a passion for concrete by building customised pieces of street furniture combining accessibility, design and innovation. The creations signed AtelierB, with numerous awards, make up the new rules of the art of decorative concrete design.


Because we work with concrete as a noble material, AtelierB uses only the best products. We are particularly delighted to announce that we will be adding the Ductal® brand to our range of excellent concretes. Recognized internationally as the benchmark in the field, Ultra High Performance Ductal® concrete combines exceptional qualities of compressive strength and durability in the service of creation.